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word.. - Anti-MAinStream Establishment of True Art [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Anti-MAinStream Establishment of True Art

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word.. [Sep. 17th, 2004|05:41 pm]
Anti-MAinStream Establishment of True Art


[music |14-j_zone-oops_(im_sorry_bitch)-cms.mp3]

Well, I'm new here, just found out about the communities today. This seems to be the best one for this type of muisc, not many members though..need to do some recruiting. Looking through the interests of this group..I listen to pretty much all of it, I was blown away to see DZK on the list along with OddJob, your missin Warbux though. Does DZK know about this?
This is the year for underground music, Psycho-Logical is just killin it with releases and all of them have been near classics. Don't forget to go cop Necros new album on the 28th! Jedi Mind Tricks new album is sick along with the new J-Zone album.
Canibus seems to be back to regular form. If you haven't heard it is rumored he signed to DJ Kay Slays lable. He has been featured on a couple mixtapes from the Drama King alongside Shaq and Papoose, where he just rips it up like he use to..and Cory Gunz is also with them.
Through all this mainstream garbage that is out and seeing how the underground is coming up, which to me is the REAL rap music, it puts my faith back into hip-hop. Nice to see people who are into the same music, thats not easy to find.

[User Picture]From: poems_of_exile
2005-04-05 07:22 am (UTC)
every year is the year of hip-hop (underground, of course)
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