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We got a kicker. [Jul. 8th, 2005|08:56 pm]
Anti-MAinStream Establishment of True Art


[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Sage Francis - Agony in her body.]

I decided to join. I just heard 'A healthy distrust' by Sage Francis. The album is great, I had to share that with someone.

From: (Anonymous)
2005-12-31 05:10 pm (UTC)


Have you heard his old stuff
because as far as im concerned Sage is the biggest sell out and his music has turned to pure shit since healthy distrust
he used to be original that all fell apart
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[User Picture]From: hiiski
2005-12-31 05:12 pm (UTC)


Sage francis is mainstream

he sold out his own record label
id say hes def. all about the mainstream now
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[User Picture]From: followingleader
2005-12-31 08:34 pm (UTC)

Re: Sage

yeah, well that was my stance, all giddy to hear new material and shit. I have a more expansive understanding now, but I can't help but wonder what makes an artist sell out. at least i'm wondering what his reason was.
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